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Juice softball bats

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016

The modification to softball bats that aim to improve the performance of it is described as “juicing”. So juicing the bat can support you in hitting harder and could boost your game. One of the most effective bat boosting ways is to roll the bat. We will together look at this method.

Get the suitable kind of bats.

Not all of bats would be appropriate for use when using bat rolling machines. Metal or alloy bats aren’t supposed to be for rolling as well as won’t acquire many benefits. The composite bat is the best for rolling and can obtain a great increase in its performance. Ensure the bat is the composite bat prior to having it rolled.


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Fastpitch vision skills that the player could be trained

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016

There’re some different vision techniques that could be trained. The following is a set of those skills and the description as well as an explanation for what every skill will involve.

Visual acuity that is dynamic

Typically this skill will let you see surrounding objects clearly when you are in motion and even when they are quickly moving. Put differently, the skill which allows the batter to have the ability to see the pitched ball as well as the fielder to be capable of seeing line drive or the ground ball clearly when in motion.

Fastpitch vision training tricks

Some people own perfect acuity when they are sitting still, then being asked to read the eye chart. Yet when it comes to adding motion to this acuity and mix can be worse. Sporting vision specialists often use some creative tests, including a computer program that shows words or objects moving fast around on the screen that must be detected before they vanish.

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Choose the best softball bat

Posted by on Jun 12, 2016

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when it comes to choosing the best softball bats. These following factors have to be considered before buying a bat:

  1. The length of best softball bats
  2. Barrel Material (Aluminum Alloy and Composite)
  3. 1 piece and 2 Piece
  4. Top Heavy and Balanced
  5. Grip and handle
  6. Price

To get you through the stage of looking for the perfect bat for a reasonable price, we would tackle every factor above that help you find the most suitable bat for yourself.

best softball bat3

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